Map – Tripura

Agartala is the capital city of Tripura. It is situated on Haora River with lots of temples and palaces in and around the city. With the constant rise of Tripura tourism, this place has been a tourist paradise across the globe. Agartala is well known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty making your Tripura tourism an awesome experience. The city also extends to the low lying hills on its northern parts. The rich tribal culture thriving on the high mountains and vast lush green valleys are an extra added charm to the attraction of Tripura tourism.

Tripura tourism is not only comprised of forests, hills, lakes and wildlife sanctuaries. This city presents life in a totally distinctive way from the big cities endure. Here, you can experience a pleasant and clean atmosphere, fresh air and unpolluted minds throughout the year. In the city you can also find lot of Tripura tourism travel desks where various package tours are arranged around the city.